The history of mankind is carried on the back of a horse. Your donation will help us continue making history. Donate here.


A good man is concerned about the welfare of his animals - Proverbs 12:10.

Just Imagine...

You were born in a greenhouse of filth. Sharing the space with your dam and sire. The space is barely adequate for one horse let alone three!

When the Bay State Equine Rescue finds you, your coat is matted with manure and soaked with urine.

Meet Breeze. This is the beginning she is learning to forget.
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We help horses forget. . .and then thrive.
Help them forget the torment of thoughtless human behavior. Help them learn love, contentment, reliability, self assurance. And, when ready, find homes to live a dignified, useful life.

Horses find their way to BSER through auction houses, animal authorities, abandonment and surrender.

Sometimes they are sound and healthy. More often they are neglected, rejected, and in a world of hurt.

Together ówe can help more horses forget. . .