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Bay State Equine Rescue Family
BSER Horses Up for Adoption
Adoption Donation $500 per horse.
Training fees apply where applicable.
Avoca Annie

Avoca, Pryor Mountain Mustang mare, 15 h. DOB 4-1-2003

Annie, Chestnut mare, 6 yo, 15.1h.

Iris Augie

Irish Legs, thoroughbred filly, DOB 2014, rescued from horrific neglect.

Augustine "Augie", 4 yo

Other Horses of the BSER Family


Apaulo Cassandra Jasper Parker

Apaulo, Paint gelding, 15.2h, DOB 6-17-2004

Cassandra (Cassie), Paint/Arab mare, 15h, DOB 5-17-2004

Jasper, appaloosa gelding, 15.1h, DOB 2005

Parker, TB Gelding , 16.1 hands, Dark Bay, DOB 3- 16, 1992

Star Flicka Romeo Ember

Star, Missouri Fox type, bay, 15.2h, DOB 1994

Flicka, bay miniature mare, DOB 2005

Romeo, chestnut QH gelding, 15h, DOB 1991

Ember, sorrel TB mare, DOB 4-1-2004

T Rocky Zena Hayley

T, Appaloosa mare, DOB 2002

Rocky, paint gelding, Bay tob-overo,14.3h, DOB 1998

Zena,(Gina) blood bay, grade mare, 15.2 h, DOB 1994

Hayley, gray, grade mare, 14.3h, DOB 1985

Flash Maverick Danny Pepper

Flash, sorrel, QH gelding, 14.3h, DOB 1980

Maverick, chestnut/ white pinto in color, Saddlebred. 15.3 hands, DOB 1987

Danny, arab/QH cross gelding, 14.3h, DOB 2007

Pepper A 12-year-old quarter horse gelding

Willow Osirus Sox Storm

Willow, arab cross mare, 14.2h, DPB 1996

Osirus, chestnut arab/QH gelding, 15h, DOB 1990

Not Without Sox, sorrel TB gelding, 16h, DOB 1994

Storm, Halflinger gelding, DOB 1992

Bella Madison Miss Megan Rusty

Bella, Belgian mare, DOB 2000

Madison, chestnut mare with white socks, 15.3 h, DOB 2002

Miss Meaghan Jac, 1999 AQHA red dun mare, 14.2h.

Rusty, penny colored gelding, 11h, DOB 2002

Dottie pete Piccolo Merlin

Dottie, Gray, 15.2h, 20yo Arab.

Mr. Petersson, roan gray tb gelding, 16.1h, DOB 3-2006

Piccolo, black and white mini gelding, DOB 2003

Merlin, Grey Dutch Warmblood gelding, 17.1h, DOB 1990

Metro Topper Calvin Blue

Linus - Pinto pony gelding, 11.2 hands.

BSER Topper - 7yo, bay thoroughbred mare, 15.3h, DOB 2005

Calvin, Dutch Warmblood, 17.2 h. DOB 7-1992.

BSER Bluebell - 7yo, bay thoroughbred mare, 16h, DOB 2005

Bailey Metro Glory Glider

Bailey, Appaloosa mare, 15h., DOB 4-2006

Metro, appaloosa gelding, 15.2h, DOB 1996

Glory, 7 yo Tennessee Walker mare, DOB 2006

Long Hill Glider, Thoroughbred, Bay, 7 yo gelding, OTTB.

Manny Lucy Moon Scamper Grace

Emmanual "Manny"

Lucy, Pinto, pony mare

Moon Scamper, DOB 2010, 17+hands, ottb

Grace, Arabian mare, DOB 2000. Chestnut with white blaze, 14.3 h, very sweet girl

Leda Alf Epona Bob

Leda, DOB 3-9-2000, 16.1h, thoroughbred mare.

BSER Alf, Norwegian Fjord gelding

Epona, bay pony, 11.2 h, DOB 2002

BSER My Friend Bob, Thoroughbred, DOB 2010. Chestnut gelding, OTTB.

Lady Skittles Milly Baby

Lady, Mahogany bay mare, 17 yo, 15.2h.

Skittles - Dark bay pinto mini filly. DOB 2014.

Milly, DOB 2002, 17+hands, ottb.

Baby - Registered Halflinger, 16 yo, DOB 2002, golden penny in color, approximately 12.2 hands.

Tatiana Breeze Dude Channing

Tatiana - Registered halflinger, 15 yo, DOB 2003, beautiful eyes, approximately 14.1 hands.

Bay State Breeze, Appaloosa filly, 14.3h, DOB 1-2008

Dude - Halflinger, son of Tatiana, not registered, 9 yo, DOB 2009, approximately 14.3 hands, gelded.

Channing is a hinny with beautiful eyes that make you fall in love with him at first sight.