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Massachusetts bill would ban horse slaughter

Massachusetts State Senator Stephen Brewer of Barre, MA has introduced S.655, a bill in the Massachusetts Senate in Boston January 2011. This humane bill will ban horse slaughter for human consumption in the state. State residents are urged to contact their Representatives and Senators on Beacon Hill and request of them that they support S.655 both in committee hearings and when a floor vote occurs. Animal Law Coalition’s website has further info and talking points for the bill. Please note that the bill’s cosponsor deadline has passed, but your help is needed so that YOUR Beacon Hill Representative and Senator vore for this humane bill. Find your Massachusetts State Senator and Representative at: http://www.malegislature.gov/People/FindMyLegislator For more info and to see the bill’s language, see the next link and scroll down there to “attachment”. Go to: http://www.animallawcoalition.com/horse-slaughter/article/1519 Please actively support this humane bill on Beacon Hill.

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Q: Why bother supporting this bill?

Q: What is Massachusetts doing about horse slaughter?

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